Character list

Piscine Molitor Patel (Pi)- Pi is the protagonist of the Life of Pi. He is shy and middle- aged man. He tells the story of his childhood. How the shipwreck changed his life and the point of view.
Richard Parker – The Royal Bengal tiger. he shares a lifeboat with Pi. He spent the most time with Pi on the boat.
Francis Adirubasmy – the old man who teaches swimming to pi. He arranges for the author to meet Pi. Pi calls him Mamaji which means respected uncle in Indian.
Ravi– he is pi’s older brother.
Santosh Patel- he is pi’s father. He is the owner of the Pondicherry Zoo
Gita Patel – Pi’s mother.
Satish Kumar – he is a bio teacher. He is the first atheistic that pi meets
Father Martin- he is the catholic priest who introduces Pi to Christianity when he was wondering around the church.
Satish Kumar – he is the Muslim mystic. He influences Pi to study religion at college.
The Hyena – it is an ugly, violent animal. It controls the lifeboat before Richard parker emerges
The Zebra – it breaks his leg jumping into the life boat. The hyena eats him alive.
Orange Juice – it is an orangutan, floats to the lifeboat by floating on bananas. It is the most humanlike animal and is killed by hyena.
The Blind Frenchman – Pi meets him in the ocean, and Richard Parker kills him.
Tomohiro Okamoto – he is a Japanese official from the Maritime Department of the Japanese Ministry of Transport. He came to interview Pi.
Atsuro Chiba – Okamoto’s assistant.

Time - The author starts with the story from an undetermined point and Pi’s tragic events begins on July 2, 1997 and then it continues for 227 days

Place – Pi’s story starts with his boyhood in Pondicherry, India. The setting changes to the Pacific Ocean. Pi spends 227 days in the ocean. When he is in the hospital he was at Tomatlán, Mexico, and briefly, Toronto, Canada when he was in college.

The major conflict occurs when the Tisimtsum sinks and the entire family, crew aboard, and animals on the boat drown.Pi is left with Richard Parker, the royal Bengal tiger, on a life boat. Pi must fight for survival, a fight against the cruel sea and dangerous tiger. He faces obstacles when he has to break his moral values in order to survive.

Point of view
The story starts with an author’s introduction of Pi, the way the author heard it. But in part one and two, the voice changes to Pi’s narration. For the final section of the book, it is mainly conversations between Pi and two officials. The book ends with the author’s point of view.

Desire to survive, will to live – Pi believes in three different religions and always kept the ritual of the religions. But when he was on the life boat in the open sea, he was unable to perform those rituals. He did not pray towards Mecca and he ate fish in order to survive, even though he is vegetarian. He always performed these rituals when he was in India, although his parents disapproved. The need for survival powers over any conviction.

Storytelling as a coping mechanism – In the life of Pi, there are various versions of a story. One is fictional but contains emotional and symbolic representation of truth and another contains more factual accounts. By telling two different versions of a story, Pi is able to overcome the cruel events that he experienced.

Pi (name) – When his classmates are making fun of his real name Pisine, he changes his name to Pi. In math, Pi is an infinitely continuing number. Pi never ends and is unpredictable - it represents life.The name Pi symbolizes life and the many problems that people face.

The color Orange appears a lot in the Life of Pi. The color of the lifeboat, Richard Parker, whistle, orangutan, everything that helps Pi to survive is orange. Therefore, in the life of Pi, it seems that the color orange symbolizes life and hope.

The journey
In the beginning of the story, it is not hard to realize that Pi is fascinated with religions.
He wants to know God and become near to God. The hardship of the journey in the Pacific Ocean symbolizes the journey towards God.